Indian Sustainability Framework For Palm Oil Production & Trade

Oil Palm is the most efficient oil crop in terms of land use. The crop has become an increasingly important driver of economic development, improved food security and poverty reduction in Indonesia, Malaysia and many other developing countries. Oil Palm is very crucial crop for the Indian economy.

India being the world’s largest consuming market of palm oil has an important role to play in driving sustainability agenda in the palm oil sector. Framework and guidelines based on Indian conditions and ground realities are needed to address different aspects of sustainability in production and trade of Palm Oil. Such framework will potentially address key sustainability concerns and barriers with-in the sector, while fulfilling the commitment of Indian palm oil industries towards sustainability.

Indian Palm Oil Sustainability (IPOS) Framework

IPOS has been created by The Solvent Extractors Association of India, with the support of Solidaridad, Indian Institute of Oil Palm research and SOPOPRAD. The idea of IPOS is to create a set of social, economic, environmental and agronomic guidelines for palm oil production and trade. It is an inclusive sustainability framework, which is made by the Indian industry for the Indian industry and provides them a guideline for promoting sustainable palm oil production and trade.

IPOS framework is comprised of environment friendly, economically viable and socially beneficial practices and guidelines. These practices are delivered through a set of principles, criteria and accompanying indicators and guidance. Adoption of IPOS practices facilitates the well-being of farmers, enable better environmental performance and supply chain efficiency. Overall IPOS will enhance sustainability performance of Indian industries. In addition, Asian Sustainable Palm Oil Network (ASPN) has been introduced to create a regional cooperation between India, Malaysia, Indonesia and China to promote sustainable trade and production of palm oil

SEA-IPOS Council

SEA-IPOS Council has been set-up to institutionalize IPOS. It facilitates communications, regional cooperation and coordination with Government, Industry bodies, Businesses and other relevant institutions and stakeholders for joint actions to reduce barriers and facilitate sustainable trade and production of palm oil.

  • Promote and strengthen IPOS while facilitating cooperation with other similar sustainability frameworks aligned with IPOS
  • Foster regional cooperation to promote sustainable trade and production of palm oil
  • Provide platform for discussions on critical issues around sustainability and facilitation for enabling policies for sustainable trade and production of palm oil
  • Support farmers for better farm management and improved productivity